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Carroll County, Ohio

The rolling hills of east central Ohio give the Carroll County region a source of natural beauty that has long been appreciated by visitors and life long residents' alike.

The region offers a diverse range of vacationing ideas from cultural events and historical sites to local fairs and recreational facilities. Visitors don't go back to yesteryear; they visit the present with respect for the past. Tradition is a habit that burns deep in the county.

Carroll County has a wonderful place in Ohio history that starts in the early 1800's. Carrollton, the county seat, was platted in 1815 and is the home of the Fighting McCook Family of Civil War fame. Major Daniel McCook and his nine sons became famous for their bravery on the battlefields. Their home is now a museum.

Every fall a festival is held at the Algonquin Mill Farm, just south of Carrollton. The mill has been restored and is the headquarters of the Carroll County Historical Society. Over 100,000 visitors a year enjoy the event.
The Atwood Area Fall Festival at Atwood Lake Park near Dellroy provides activities for all ages. Visitors enjoy arts and crafts, entertainment, guided nature hikes, and a Civil War reenactment.

Carroll County is a short drive from Canton, Akron Cleveland, Columbus, Pittsburgh and Wheeling.

Make plans to visit us! You'll find our county is safe clean and friendly with plenty of antique shops, festivals and family restaurants. Come see what Carroll County, Ohio's Daffodil County, can offer you and your family.

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Malvern, Ohio

Malvern is a village about 15 miles southeast of Canton in Carroll County Ohio. Much of it is farm land. There are about 2,000 residents in Malvern and another 2,500 at Lake Mohawk.

The school houses kindergarten, Junior High and High School in one building. A graduating class consists of about 85 students. Because of the size of the school, children have the opportunity to be involved in all activities. A child who would have been sitting on the bench at a larger school, could become the star player in a smaller one.
The major shopping malls are a half hour away. Malvern provides you with a more relaxed environment and not the hustle and bustle of big city life. Yet we do have local stores. So anything you really need is only a few minutes away.

Canton, the nearest city, has attractions of it's own including the Pro Football Hall of Fame, McKinley Museum of History, Science and Industry, the Canton Civic Opera and the Canton Classic Car museum to name a few.

Malvern History

Malvern history opens with the Great Indian Trail which traverses the area between Fort Pitt (Pittsburgh) and Chillicothe, Ohio. Col. Henry Bouquet and 1500 volunteers left Fort Pitt in 1764 to free white frontiersmen taken captive by Chief Pontiac and his Ottawa Indians. They camped along the Great Trail near Pekin Bridge (Located on Ohio Rt. 183). The volunteers caught up to the chief and, after a show of force. negotiations with chiefs of the Seneca, Delaware and Shawnee lead to the signing of a treaty. This brief story is only a part of the important contribution that this locale has made to the development of Carroll County. Jonathan Chapman (Johnny Appleseed) and other famous men were familiar with this area. Outside of Malvern on Ohio Rt. 43 you will find the beautiful Great Trail park, which is the site of the annual Great Trail Festival. The Festival is held in the fall and consists of music, crafts and historic reenactments. The park also hosts a herd of buffalo. Malvern has become an important link in the recreational area of Carroll County.

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